Leadership – Being kind and socially responsible doesn’t sacrifice excellence

There’s a great book called, “everything I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”. If I remember correctly, at the ripe age of 5 we all learned the power of nice. We practiced please and thank you. We ran outside with the wind, rain, sun and snow and we definitely didn’t (at least back when I was 5) have a cell phone buzzing us every 3 minutes with disappearing photos of friends we’ve never met. We were taught to be respectful and obedient towards our teachers and elders and the notion of being a good citizen, student, brother, sister, friends, team player etc was being practiced. We were taught to be kind. Somewhere in our pursuit of achievement, more and 14 hour days, we’ve lost a bit of that. But, it’s still there-deep in the recesses of our default habits and the theory of Emotional Intelligence teaches us how to re-ignite those virtues, values and characters AND be more productive at work.

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