Sales, Marketing and Business Consulting Service

Our custom consulting services provide objectivity, get the ball rolling or simply support your overflow work. Whether you need us to conceive an idea and develop the game plan, or execute against an ongoing project, our expertise in all things vacation ownership is deep and impactful. Timeshare, fractional, club, mixed used & whole ownership.


  1. Provide, develop and deliver specialized industry information
    1. Sales and Marketing
      1. Design, development and Execution of S & M Business Plans
      2. Team Structure, Talent Acquisition, Training and Development
      3. Process, strategies, campaigns, collateral’s and vendor relations
      4. Compensation, Rewards and Incentives
      5. Vision, culture, motivation, loyalty and ongoing development
      6. Marketing alliances, partnerships, loyalty programs
      7. Sales and marketing tools, CRM development, branding, ISPs companion collateral development, agency, web, design etc
    2. Operations, Legal and Administration
      1. Consumer Financing
      2. Regulatory, registration, contracts, compliance, closing
      3. Human Resources
      4. Resort Operations Integration
  • Business Development
    1. Acquisitions
    2. Strategic Alliances
    3. Business Networks

Whether you need added insights, solutions or execution, you require and deserve a consulting partner who plugs in immediately to your needs; an industry executive who has lead from the front in numerous corporate and independent cultures for nearly 3 decades.

Today there are so many products, tools, services and providers in our industry. We’ll help you navigate through the offerings and help you select the appropriate financial and intellectual resources that you may require.