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Designed for Sales, Marketing and Business Managers and Directors who are ready to learn, perform and shine for their team and their organization. Invite Jenny to your site or corporate offices and expand your learning and leadership culture with her customized leadership series. Integrate it into your existing curriculum or have it stand alone.

There are so many inspiring and excellent “Thought” leaders and provocative leadership theories, principals and seminars available today in business, but not many have the relevance and valuable hands on content as “The Joy of Positive Leadership Series”. Jenny has lead flagship properties and delivered 100’s of Millions in sales by leading small and large sales, marketing and operations teams in our industry. Her experience and passion shines through in this wonderful and unforgettable seminar.

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“The Joy of Positive Leadership Series”

7 principled beliefs, habits and actions

  • It’s a Privilege to SERVE-what type of leader are you?
  • Metrics of Performance-can personal and economic success co-exist?
  • Mind your P’s and Q’s-are manners and “being nice” powerful or weak?
  • Emotional Intelligence Teaser-Sure you’re smart, but are you aware?
  • The Learning Culture-Are you a student and a teacher of the game?
  • Demonstrate what You Expect-can you change your habits?
  • Calling all Peeps-is collaboration and communication really necessary?

0808-0710-1513-0324 ALSO COMING in 2016-Jenny will be certified to present, Travis Bradberry’s renowned seminar, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE as a Talent Smart Associate! Please call now for dates and details.



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Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of your job performance and more than 90% of Top Performers have high Emotional Intelligence!